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Soothe your soul

Moroccan Escape

Berber Ritual 60 min

30 min : Body scrub with Black soap with kessa glove & moroccan ghassoul body wrap perfumed & local shampoo in hammam + 30min : Massage (Relaxing or tonic)

Duo: 740dh

Traditional Ritual 90 min

30 min : Body scrub with Black soap with kessa glove & moroccan ghassoul body wrap perfumed & local shampoo in hammam + 60 min : Massage (Relaxing or tonic)

Duo: 985dh

Body and face Ritual 120 min

30 min : Body scrub with Black soap with kessa glove & moroccan ghassoul body wrap perfumed & local shampoo in hammam + 60 min : Massage (Relaxing or tonic) + 30 min Soin Visage

Duo: 1480dh

Keep up your healthy routine


House Hammam

Hot bath in the Hammam, the perfect space to relax. We give you the products so that you can do the gommage personally

Traditional Gommage 30min

Black soap scrub with kessa glove & moroccan ghassoul body wrap perfumed & shampoo

Duo: 480dh

Sultan Gommage 60min

Soaping with black soap scented with rosemary essential oil & exfoliation with traditional kessa glove & detoxifying body mask with ghassoul & shampoo & delicate hydration with oil

Duo: 620dh

Relax in body and soul
Tonic Massage 55min

The tonic massage stimulates the whole body, it is both relaxing and revitalizing. The practitioner uses a set of techniques (kneading, palpating-rolling, pressure, percussion) that relieve muscle pain, untie knots and eliminate toxins from the body. Thanks to a mixture of deep pressure and gentle tension, your muscles will be relaxed, blood circulation stimulated and the body relieved. This massage is suitable for people whose physical activity is minimal as well as for great athletes. Result: your body is more supple, lighter and invigorated. The fatigue accumulated throughout the day is eliminated, your body regenerated and your mind soothed. Your blood and lymphatic circulation are boosted.

Tonic Massage 30min
Relaxing Massage 55min

Relaxing massage has beneficial effects on the body. It is often used to eliminate tension, improve blood circulation, prevent stress and improve the quality of sleep. It is also known for its virtues on the immune system because it helps prevent the weakness of the latter and improve its functioning. The relaxing massage brings a certain well-being to body and mind. It allows to evacuate the stress accumulated during the day and to reduce pain in people with chronic diseases. For 1 hour, the therapist works your muscle, your blood circulation and relieves your muscle knots. It works all parts of the body and focuses on the most rigid parts. Result: You are relieved of your pain, tension and muscle stiffness. The level of your stress hormones is lowered, your muscles and joints regain their flexibility and relax.

Relaxing Massage 30min
Californian Massage 55min

Californian massage dates back to the 1970s and, as its name suggests, originated in California. It is known to improve the general state of health of a person and relieve certain pains thanks to its powerful action. The practitioner uses long and fluid movements that allow deep physical and mental relaxation. Californian massage relieves certain types of chronic and muscular pain, relieves tension and muscle contraction, promotes the emergence of body memory, provides great relaxation and improves blood circulation. This type of massage is suitable for all ages, it is especially recommended for stressed people and patients with chronic pain. Result: At the end of the massage, you feel soothed, relaxed, regenerated and have a great feeling of well-being.

Californian Massage 30min
Back Massage 40min

The back is one of the parts of the body most exposed to muscle tension and pain. Whether due to poor posture or stress, we are increasingly prone to back pain. The back being the sentimental center of the body, relaxing it would amount to relieving the heart and the whole body. Massage is one of the traditional remedies for back pain. The practitioner uses fluid movements and exerts more or less deep pressures and lively and sustained kneading on the back. These movements combined with the virtues of Moroccan natural oils give a feeling of unity to the body and restore the skin's suppleness. Result: back tensions are relieved, back muscles relaxed, aches and contractions relieved, toxins eliminated and blood circulation oxygenated and stimulated. In the end, the accumulated fatigue is evacuated and your whole body is regenerated.

Foot Massage : (foot reflexology) 40min

Our daily occupations often make us forget the importance of our feet and their essential role in our motor skills (it is thanks to them that we can walk, run, jump, dance,…). We abuse them because we don't know that taking care of our feet is like taking care of our whole body. The easiest way to take care of our feet is foot massage or what is called plantar reflexology. Plantar reflexology is a foot massage of Chinese origin. It consists of the use of massage and acupressure techniques on all of the feet. For traditional Chinese medicine, the foot is made up of reflex zones and each of these zones is associated with an organ, a gland or a part of the body. Massaging the feet with the fingertips would therefore activate these reflex zones, which relieves pain, rebalances certain vital functions, combats stress, tension and muscle pain. Result: your body is regulated and reaches a state of balance. The blood circulation at the level of your feet is activated, which makes it possible to evacuate the accumulated tensions. You finally reach a level of deep relaxation; you are relaxed and the stress is evacuated

Four hands massage 50min

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Four-Hand Massage service. Two of our skilled massage therapists work in perfect harmony, synchronizing their movements to provide you with an unparalleled massage experience. Indulge in a symphony of touch as four hands work together to knead away tension and soothe your muscles. This unique massage technique allows for deeper relaxation and a heightened sense of well-being as both therapists focus on different areas of your body simultaneously. Let go of stress and tension as you immerse yourself in this luxurious treatment. Whether you seek relief from muscle tightness or simply wish to unwind and rejuvenate, our Four-Hand Massage promises to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalized.

Relax, Rejuvenate, Realign
Beauty care ​
Deep cleaning facial treatment 60min

The skin of our face, exposed daily to external pollution, needs deep cleansing to prevent the proliferation of germs and promote cell reproduction. It's time to take care of your face and shine.

Our deep cleansing facial includes 5 essential steps:

   - Facial cleansing
   - Face massage
   - Facial exfoliation
   - Extraction of impurities
   - Hand massage
   - Result: A purified, smoother, softer and more luminous face and hands.

Deep cleaning facial treatment 30min
Oriental facial treatment 60min

Practiced for millennial in Eastern countries, Oriental facial care is carried out using 100% natural products (black soap, ghassoul, rose water, orange blossom, argan oil, etc.). It is suitable for all skin types, it tightens pores, purifies and softens the skin.

It includes 6 essential steps:

   - Make-up removal
   - Pore cleaning
   - Hydration
   - Traditional Moroccan scrub (coffee, chocolate, argan)
   - Face massage
   - Result: Thanks to 100% natural products and gentle gestures on your face and hands, your skin is refined, purified, nourished and plumped.

Oriental facial treatment 30min
Keep up your healthy routine

Manicur & pedicure

Manicure with nail polish
Pedicure with nail polish
Oriental manicure with exfoliation and mask
Oriental pedicure with exfoliation and mask
Nail polish
Keep up your healthy routine


Full legs
Half legs
Upper lip

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